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Algunos testimonios de nuestras relaciones con clientes:


"I had the pleasure of working with Sperientia on several projects when my team hired them to help us run regular testing for our Mexico market. I was impressed with how efficiently they operated, quickly turning around research and reports within a 1-week time frame. They provided debriefs, reports, and live translations of important points during research sessions all in English, which made it possible for the non-Spanish-speakers on my team to participate. The reports always included theoretical guidance for the points outlined which was a major advantage for justifying those changes to the rest of our team. Victor's expertise came through strongly with his insightful interpretations and recommendations. He has a skilled team who also offered valuable perspectives. Sperientia had excellent communication, were very responsive to feedback, and were flexible with scheduling. They could handle last-minute and even live research adjustments and changes. They have a great technical setup that allows you to see participants' faces and screens whether the test is for mobile or desktop. Not to mention -- they did all this completely remotely! I highly recommend Victor and Sperientia. They were a huge asset to us, as they would be to any company with customers in Mexico."

Genevieve Dezso
Senior UX Researcher @


Organizaciones a las que servimos con nuestra Sperientia

Tenemos el privilegio de mantener relaciones de servicio con clientes en México, Estados Unidos, Brasil y Ecuador con las siguientes organizaciones:


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