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The full spectrum of experience as a path to innovation

Moving beyond the boxes that constrain us

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Establishing a business strategy based on generational differences between clients. Dividing our friendships into those who are conservative and those who are liberal. Describing our fellow citizens as chairos or fifis. Modeling innovation as the effect of social interaction between weirdos, rich, and commoners. All that not only denigrates and devalues ​​our fellow humans but also leads to false and superficial understandings.

People are more than the categories that we try to impose on them.

Categories are simplifications that are useful to us to conceptualize, as a final and transitory modeling action. However, categories are enormous barriers to reimagine and explore people when what we want is to innovate in uncertain scenarios, like those of today, and like those that, if we accept it, we have always faced.

The solution is to think in terms of a full spectrum of possibilities.

The solution is to give space to diversity not as a position in which we place people, but as a characteristic on which we assume that they always operate. We are more diverse than the categories that try to box us in.

People-centered innovation is the one that understands the full spectrum of experience, that which designs for diversity and embraces uncertainty.


Where do I learn more? To delve deeper into the subject, I recommend you find, read and follow Bob Johansen and his recent book “Full-Spectrum Thinking: How to Escape Boxes in a Post-Categorical Future

How do I join a Full-Spectrum Thinking community? Consider Sperientia [studio+lab]® Reimagine Your Business Seminar that is due to start in September. Write to us at to receive details of the program.

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